SQL Command Window

The SQL Command Window provides a mechanism for testing SQL statements. To open the SQL Command Window : [Picture]

The SQL Command Window requires that you have defined one or more named connection strings. [Picture]

  1. Select a named connection string from the Connection list.

  2. Select the SQL Type you wish to use. The options are:

  3. Enter SQL in the SQL Command window.

  4. If you need to insert a table or column name into a SQL statement:

    1. Click Insert... to display the Database Explorer.

    2. Select the item and click Insert.

  5. Click Execute SQL to run the SQL statement.

  6. You may revert to previous versions of your SQL statement:

    1. Click SQL History to display the SQL History dialog.

    2. Select a previous statement (from this session).

    3. Click Select.

  7. Click to clear the SQL Command window.

  8. Click to display the Connections dialog, where you can edit or create connection strings.

Supported By

Alpha Five Version 8 Enterprise Edition


Desktop applications only.

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