Quick Guide to Topics


Getting Started with Alpha Five

A tutorial that introduces you to the major features and functions of Alpha Five.

Introduction to Action Scripting

Action Scripting is an easy, graphical, way to create scripts in Alpha Five to automate your applications and customize their behavior.

Learning Xbasic

A tutorial that introduces you to building applications with Xbasic.

AlphaSports Explained

An in-depth description of the design and programming techniques used to create the AlphaSports sample database.

Learning Xdialog

A tutorial that introduces you to building dialogs and applications with Xdialog.

Web Publishing Tutorial

An explanation of the basic techniques required to build web applications with Alpha Five.

AlphaSportsWeb Explained

An explanation of the techniques used to build the AlphaSportsWeb application.

Working with SQL Databases

An introduction to Xbasic programming for applications that use back-end SQL compatible databases.

User Guide

Alpha Five User Guide

How to use Alpha Five, set environmental variables, create databases, forms, browses, reports, operations, etc.

Netmailer Overview

Overview of and how to use Netmailer for bulk emailing.

Web Publishing

How to use the Web Component Builder to create web-enabled database applications.


Xbasic Reference

Theory of operation, description of database objects (i.e. tables, records, fields, sets, indexes, queries, forms, browses, reports, etc.) and their methods, important functions.

Action Scripting Reference

Descriptions of the various Actions available through Action Scripting.

Language Reference

A list of the Xbasic command statements.

Operator Reference

A list of the Xbasic operators.

Xdialog Reference

Xdialog language directives, operators, commands, controls, genies.

Xdialog Control Reference

The syntax of Xdialog controls.

Core Functions for Writing Expressions

The important functions that all Xbasic programmers should be able to use.

Xbasic Functions Listed by Type

Reference lists of families of functions and methods.

Xbasic Methods Listed Alphabetically

Descriptions of Xbasic methods.

Xbasic Functions Listed Alphabetically

Descriptions of Xbasic functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions.

What's New

What's New in Version 8

A description of the features and functions of Alpha Five Version 8.